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Drum and Bass – Kinetiks MC, Jangala D

Drum & Bass | Posted by jangala
Feb 18 2013

Road to SpringIn this episode we debut Kinetiks MC who comes proper with the lyrical flex on this dark and dirty mix by Jangala. This DC bred MC breathes new life into the world of the junglist mcee with lyrics rooted in freestyle and matured in the jungle rhythms. This mix features new schoolers like Dub Phizix, Need for Mirrors, L 33, and old schoolers like Randall, Flex, and Demon Seed. Enjoy!


Drum and Bass – Jangala DJ

Drum & Bass | Posted by xun
Jan 28 2011

Jangala D.J. re-appears from da jungle badlands… Big bass. Big drums. ┬áStartin’ off 2011 season propa. ┬áJunglelabs, Washington D.C. chapter.



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