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Dub Experimental – Ca¢heflowe

Dub Step, Reggae | Posted by xun
Apr 24 2009


Known for creating genre-skewing, head-noddng beats, Denver-based Ca¢heflowe recently released his latest EP, Cache, Stacks & Queues. This experimental dubstep/glitch-hop mix features some of his latest tracks.


Dub/Glitch – Ale Fillman

Dub Step, Glitch | Posted by xun
Apr 03 2009

aleAnother ire studio mix by DJ Ale Fillman entitled “Last Night My Turntables Killed A Soundbwoy”. Glitch Producer and DJ extrodinare, Ale has tunes signed to his label, Dirty Circuit Records and is the co-host of Dirty Circuit Radio, which is aired live on SubFM specializing in Bass and Turntable music.


Dub/Glitch – Subvert

Glitch, Hip Hop | Posted by xun
Mar 11 2009

subvertCanadian Glitch producer Subvert is known for crunchy midrange bass and huge sub frequency drops, Subvert’s tracks have been doing promo rounds and have made regular appearances in the sets of Bassnectar, Ill Gates (The Phat Conductor) & Dov amongst others.  He is also manager of the Glitch Hop Forum .


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