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Dubstep – Sweetiepie

Dub Step, Trip Hop | Posted by jangala
Mar 19 2012

We’re mixing things up a little with this episode with a little downtempo bassey goodness. DC’s Sweetiepie comes through with this new mix of tunes which she calls a meeting point between the styles, though, she adds these tracks have the signature sinister snarl of the Bristol sound. She found her inspiration for this mix in Brooklyn based Creep which are laced up with some heavy selections from Glitch Mob, Walden, The XX and MSTRKRFT.



Crunk/Dub Step – VibeSquaD

Dub Step, Glitch | Posted by xun
Jan 30 2010

vibesquadAccomplished musician and producer VibeSquaD drops this tribute mix entitled- Colorado Love-Step.  Currently touring coast to coast, with the release of his third full length album Joyful Noise, his music defies typical genre-labels from lowriding krunkadelics to mid-tempo barnstormers all in a seamlessly flowing soulful mash.


Glitch/Dub Step – DJ Citrus

Dub Step, Glitch, Hip Hop, Reggae | Posted by xun
Dec 31 2009


Denver based DJ and producer Citrus brings a diverse range encompassing reggae, electro, glitch hop, and everything in-between. His style is a melting pot of both urban and natural, the bitcrushed alongside the beautiful, the cold and calculated battling the analog and tribal.  Check his forthcoming productions.


Dub Step/DnB – Taös

Drum & Bass, Dub Step | Posted by xun
Nov 24 2009

taosHailing from Brussels Belgium, Dub Step producer Taös lays down an exclusive all vinyl mix for tha Fusion. The first half is super bass heavy Dub Step, and in the second half he brings in grimey drum and bass anthems.  This man has a slew of badmon tunes out on Section 8 and forthecoming tracks on other labels.



Glitch Hop – DJ Subvert

Dub Step, Glitch, Hip Hop | Posted by xun
Oct 23 2009

subvertCanadian Glitch producer Subvert is known for crunchy midrange bass and huge sub frequency drops, Subvert’s tracks have been doing promo rounds and have made regular appearances in the sets of Bassnectar, Ill Gates (The Phat Conductor) & Dov amongst others. He is also manager of the Glitch Hop Forum .



Dub Experimental – Ca¢heflowe

Dub Step, Reggae | Posted by xun
Apr 24 2009


Known for creating genre-skewing, head-noddng beats, Denver-based Ca¢heflowe recently released his latest EP, Cache, Stacks & Queues. This experimental dubstep/glitch-hop mix features some of his latest tracks.


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