Hip Hop – dr holmes

Apr 03 2012

Another much anticipated installment of the dr holmes show.  Holmes brings a unique mix of old and new grimey street Hip Hop.    Commentary included.  Many thanks to all the fans who are listening.  Enjoy!  




5 Responses

  1. jangala says:

    @MOAR Rugged Man is one my of faves too, he brings it straight from the heart. I didn’t even know hiphop/rap till Xun and Holmes, all my tunes come from them, for reals. thanks for listening.

  2. MOAR PLEASE says:

    I wrote a comment on sweetiepie’s post but in case you guys don’t check it,


    And thank you for having such a distinct, consistent grimey sound. I don’t even listen to hip hop normally but all these sets have earned their slot right next to the any other TF set. You guys know how to keep the talking to a minimum, yet be highly informative. You guys are chill, talk about the MUSIC instead of name-dropping people I don’t know and not constantly fucking shouting at me to “GET HYPE NOW GET HYPE NOW” like every other sucker MC.


  3. peterj says:

    big up on the tunes.

  4. Mishka says:

    Big up From Russia, Great show 🙂

  5. xun says:


    Let The Games Begin – Kool G Rap
    Venom – Arsonists
    Beware – Big Punisher
    Mayday! – The Black Market Militia
    The Snitch – Armel / Ancient Coins
    Plunder – The Holocaust
    Blaze a 50 – Nas
    KING KONG – Sean Price
    All Pro – Big Noyd
    Trading Places – Boot Camp Clik
    Love Me Or Leave Me Alone – Brand Nubian
    Kriminal Kindness – Canibus
    The Cash – Cocoa Brovaz
    When The Fat Lady Sings – GZA
    And So – Boot Camp Clik
    Mobstas – Kool G Rap
    I Got Cha Opin (Remix) – Black Moon
    Silent – GZA Feat. Ghostface Killah & Street Life
    Watch Who U Beef Wit – Canibus

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