Hip Hop – dr holmes show

Feb 26 2010


Hip Hop guru dr. holmes and DJ xunfusion bring you another hip hop show coming with a mix of old and new. Rare B sides, and uncovered gems, from old and new artists, with commentary included, feat. special guest Jive Cuttah. Holdin’ down the underground in Boston, MA.


5 Responses

  1. Notevengodsawme says:

    Thank you so much for this brilliant webcast! Much treasured.

    Greetings from NL.

  2. big P says:

    Haven’t managed to listen to the whole webcast yet, but lovin it so far, gotta love propa hip-hop!! check out Homecut, a british group, making some great music at the moment!

  3. coolbluebox says:

    The best Hip-hop I hear. I agree w/ you on knowing hip-hop isn’t dead. Some people have just lost sight of the music. Love your shows!!!

  4. DR.HoLMES33 says:

    Salutations Junky.

  5. Junky says:

    Best show yet. Keep ’em comin’ fellas!

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