Hip Hop – dr holmes & dj xun

Feb 25 2011

Hip Hop connoisseur dr holmes and mix master xun deliver another episode of grimey beats from da underground.  Live and direct from Cambridge MA.  Stay tuned for their much anticipated compilation album- “33 Degrees” coming out in April 2011.



6 Responses

  1. d says:

    anyway to get a tracklist?

  2. sors says:

    theres no tracklist ?

  3. james says:

    nice jobs guys.

  4. burkey says:

    thank you for another installment. much respect to vinnie paz and his vocal intensity.

  5. drholmes33 says:

    Doper Skiller – Viktor Vaughn Ft. Kool Keith

    thanks for listening!

  6. Leecalvey23 says:

    Does anyone know the name of the last track played on dr. holmes 25/02/11 podcast please?

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