Dubstep – Sweetiepie

Mar 19 2012

We’re mixing things up a little with this episode with a little downtempo bassey goodness. DC’s Sweetiepie comes through with this new mix of tunes which she calls a meeting point between the styles, though, she adds these tracks have the signature sinister snarl of the Bristol sound. She found her inspiration for this mix in Brooklyn based Creep which are laced up with some heavy selections from Glitch Mob, Walden, The XX and MSTRKRFT.



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  1. jangala says:

    @MOAR Sweetipie plays out at raves in the DC area. The tunes in this mix are down bpm wise, relatively speaking, but all have sick b-lines. Dubstep has taken over everywhere 🙂

  2. MOAR PLEASE says:

    temporalfusion.com is #1. You guys are my tastemaker. Right now I’m listening to the Ben Samples Pussy Poppin mix from 2009. Every mix on here is worth a listen. The Dr. Holmes show introduced me to R.A. The Rugged Man (feeds the filthy white boy in me) and Jedi Mind Tricks (feeds the sicko who likes speedcore and X-Raided).

    I’ve never heard of sweetiepie, frankly when I hear the word “downtempo” I cringe a little bit, but I’m gonna download this for sure and I know I’ll love it just like EVERY other set posted on this podcast.

    You are scaring me with the lack of updates! Moar Denver glitch or is that scene over?

  3. JCD says:

    cool session

  4. follower says:

    Great News.

    I play at least 3-4 of your podcasts every day.. keeps me going at work.


  5. jangala says:

    Thanks for the comment, we’re are working on getting another Dr. Holmes show lined-up, it will come soon, I promise!

  6. follower says:

    Yes not too bad. A little sparse compared to recent RF releases but quite nice.

    Time for another hip hop release please good people.

  7. jangala says:

    for those who like to go on the hunt, here’s the list:

    Floetry – Say Yes (Kahn Remix)
    The Glitch Mob – Between Two Points
    Waldeck – Cat People Dub
    Dom – Blakelock
    RSD – Koto
    The Love Theme – Indian Girl (Operative Remix)
    MSTRKRFT – Heartbreaker (Brackles Remix)
    CREEP – Days (Deadboy Remix)
    The XX – Crystalised (Dark Sky Remix)
    CREEP – You (feat. Nina Sky) Young Turk

    please check-out some of toni’s other creative endeavors at:




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