Dub/Glitch – Subvert

Mar 11 2009

subvertCanadian Glitch producer Subvert is known for crunchy midrange bass and huge sub frequency drops, Subvert’s tracks have been doing promo rounds and have made regular appearances in the sets of Bassnectar, Ill Gates (The Phat Conductor) & Dov amongst others.  He is also manager of the Glitch Hop Forum .


5 Responses

  1. jsmndawn says:

    one of the best mixes out there!
    here’s what i’ve figured out for a set list so far..

    2:23- Glitchy & Scratchy – Filthy Drug Peddling Midgets

    14:58- A-Skillz- Strawberry Jam Forever
    18:30- Subvert- Speaker Humpin’
    22:30- remix of C+C Music Factory- Do You Wanna Get Funky
    24:45 TV on the Radio- Red Dress (Glitch Mob remix)
    27:03- remix of Lenny Kravitz- American Woman
    30:05- remix of M.I.A.- Paper Planes
    33:25- mashup of Lil’ Flip- I’m a Balla (Flip My Chips and Youngbloodz- Datz Me
    38:23- B-52’s- Love Shack (Subvert remix)
    41:35- ID
    43:55- Pendulum- Showdown (Excision remix)
    46:40- Excision- Darkness ft. Subvert
    50:40- Pendulum- Other Side (Dubstep remix)
    54:10- Eurythmics- Sweet Dreams (2 Ninjas Dubstep remix)
    55:57- Marilyn Manson- Sweet dreams remix?
    57:06- ID
    1:00:56- Nero- This Way
    1:03:08- ID
    1:05:49- remix of Kid Cudi- Day N’ Night

    it’d be wicked if anyone could ID the other tracks…especially 1:03:08, I can’t find it anywhere.

  2. jangal says:

    hahaha! the quest begins….

  3. Joe_Blob says:

    lovin this mix 😀

    track list would be sweet though 😉

  4. LoveBugg says:

    Do you have a track list????

  5. blooper says:

    NICE mix!
    What is that hotstepper redo called? I gotta have it and I am not very lucky with the google effort…

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