Dub – Richie Secret

Mar 24 2013

dubsunriseOriginally a 90’s hardcore junglist from the UK, the nomadic Richie Secret (aka Gypsy Fingerz) has recently been playing out psy and jungle parties throughout Southern China and SE Asia.  He brings a unique, deep atmospheric world dub sound to the podcast with this first exclusive mix from him.  Sit back and enjoy the 1hr dubwise sunrise featuring new, unreleased tunes from a wide array of international dub artists.


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  1. jangala says:

    Didn’t find a real fix, we moved the pic to another server and for some reason that worked.

  2. Fausto Ponce says:

    Hi! I have a podcast in itunes and I saw in the apple forum that you had a problem with your image.. well I’m having the same problem… so i want to ask you what did you do to solve it?

    Thanks for your time

  3. (with the exception of “house of the rising dub”,) excellent mix! really enjoyed it!

  4. xun says:

    Dubwise Sunrise Tracklist

    Globular – The Continuum Process
    Locked Down – Thing
    Schtiki Digits – SUN:MONX
    Mental Healing Dub – The Vision
    Unconditional Love – B.O.D.A.
    Rewolucja w Nas (Celt Islam Sufi Dub) – Masala
    Parma Panorama – SUN:MONX
    House Of The Rising Dub (Original Mix) – International Observer
    Sobre Cuatro Aguas – Ohuican/Jaguar
    Fakir (featuring Dawoud Kringle) – Celt Islam
    Somersettler – OTT
    Give It Time (Indian Summer mix) – KUBA
    Axiom (The Omm Squad In Dub Mix) – Terra Nine

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