Dub Step/DnB – Taös

Nov 24 2009

taosHailing from Brussels Belgium, Dub Step producer Taös lays down an exclusive all vinyl mix for tha Fusion. The first half is super bass heavy Dub Step, and in the second half he brings in grimey drum and bass anthems.  This man has a slew of badmon tunes out on Section 8 and forthecoming tracks on other labels.



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  1. Toon says:

    Whats the tune at 04.18 and 10.00?


  2. Nate says:

    Taos you are a freaking monster. Best dubstep mix I’ve ever heard. What’s the first song that is sampled in the beginning, like the turn my gray skies to blue part?

  3. Taös says:

    Could be cool.
    Maybe we could speak somewhere else 😀
    so add me on facebook: Corentin Blondiau
    or AIM: CoakaTaos

  4. leeroy says:

    it shouldnt be difficult for you to get some gigs in london with a set like yours, dubstep is huge here at the moment. I suggest brixton, if your interested I could pass on some names of places that would blatently take you on

  5. Taös says:

    For the moment, I’m in Florida. I never played in Uk, always in Belgium and I’m going to have a few gigs here in Florida so you can find me some gigs in London for October if you can 😀

  6. leeroy says:

    safe, i checked out your myspace but couldnt see any london gigs- are you coming out here?

  7. Taös says:

    Don’t remember if the name of the hit the road jack remix is mentioned on the vinyl but will see when I’ll be back, I’m really far from home till October.

  8. leeroy says:

    hey man, loving the mix, nearly had me dancing in public from my headphones. Could you tell me who did that version of hit the road jack, cant find it. cheers

  9. Taös says:

    Already said before:

    54:30 -> 57:50 unknown artist vs Nine inch nails – 35 ghosts IV – Jacked005

    but you’re welcome 😉

  10. Aaron says:

    What song drops at 23:45-ish?

  11. ness says:

    conceptually me really likes. im a real fan of the protracted minimal ethereal spacey stuff like myspace track section 8 recs at 3:18. love the beginning of this mix-trip hop minimized dub its killer wish it was like a 8 min long evolving track

  12. Taös says:

    11:40 unknow (Alborosie) – polizia


    54:30 unknown artist vs Nine inch nails – 35 ghosts IV – Jacked005

  13. Grav says:

    whats the tune @ 13 min? (dreadlock?)

  14. Chris says:

    whats the tune that drops at around 55:30?
    sick tune.
    sick set
    nice one

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