Dub Step/DnB – Taös

Nov 24 2009

taosHailing from Brussels Belgium, Dub Step producer Taös lays down an exclusive all vinyl mix for tha Fusion. The first half is super bass heavy Dub Step, and in the second half he brings in grimey drum and bass anthems.  This man has a slew of badmon tunes out on Section 8 and forthecoming tracks on other labels.



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  1. Taös says:

    Not really, It bores me to do a complete tracklist but if you ask I’ll tell you the name at a certain moment as I already did.

    and thanks!

    more songs available at http://www.myspace.com/corentinakataos

  2. designarium says:

    is there a complete tracklist of the podcast?
    greet podcast.

  3. glitchy monsta says:

    Aaaaha… yah the TC tune. Excellent! Thanks!! Great set by the way.

  4. Taös says:

    at 30:00 : Biome – agitated – subsonik recs
    at 32:22 : TC – Where’s My Money (Caspa Remix) – Dstyle

  5. glitchy monsta says:

    Just curious about the track at 32m, name?

  6. Jenni :) says:

    :O I just found it 😀 Ruckspin & Quark – Sunshine 🙂

  7. Jenni :) says:

    Aw no, thats a killer. I start the podcast over and over again lol 🙂

  8. Taös says:

    Love it too!

    “Unknow artist – sunshine” 🙁

    this song’s really amazing… really’d like to know who made it!

  9. Jenni :) says:

    Whats the 1st track called? I love itttt x

  10. Taös says:

    18:48 BAR9 – Midnigth – Freak rec.

    (And thanks for the comments!)

  11. Stinkinmushroom says:

    Sounds good!

  12. Nefu says:

    Love this mix…
    What’s the name of the track that drops in at 19m12s?

  13. Bruno says:

    alz co tu deviendra bon 😉
    non sérieux, bon son, j’aime vraiment bien.
    A bientot

  14. Taös says:

    SP:MC : Trust Nobody

  15. Tracklist! says:

    What’s that deep track that kicks in @ 28m?

  16. sanogo says:

    salut tu de cave

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