Dub Step – Item 9

Apr 30 2010

Who won test Item 9- Michigan Bad boys DJ Alias and Dubba Fett . This one hour tribute mix entitled “The Full Montie” is a dark journey through dubstep, with some 30 tracks flawlessly mixed… ┬áHeaded out to the West coast this summer, playing bigger and bigger gigs, these guys are rising stars, straight killin’ it.


4 Responses

  1. Percy says:

    Hey, been listening to this mix for about a month – you guys killed this set. Absolutely killed it. The first ten tracks in particular are sick – love “Hard”. Thanks for giving my subs a workout. ­čÖé

  2. coolbluebox says:

    This was a sick mix……as always loving da music on here!!!

  3. glitchy monsta says:

    This mix is the ruffest! Sick tunes. Thanks for posting!

  4. Item9 says:

    HEY THANKS FOR LISTENING! We love to destroy a dance floor here and there… anyway….

    Here is the Track list:
    01) Ignition – Downlink
    02) Roughneck 09 ft. Navigator – Freestylers, Ctrl Z (Excision, Datsik RMX)
    03) Sultan Swing – Syndaesia
    04) 7 Days a Week – DJ Flave (B Rich RMX)
    05) Little Bitch – Mr. Curtamos
    06) Windscreen Sniper – Rob Sparx, John Maveric
    07) Hard – The Police takeover, Breakage, Newham Generals, Dav (Caspa, The Others RMX)
    08) Hammer Dub – Dash Exp
    09) Doin’ Time – Sublime (Zed’s Dead RMX)
    10) I Burned the Bed – Marcy Playground (Bukez Finezt RMX)
    11) R U Ready? – Simon Bassline Smith, Drumsound- dub RMX
    12) Otacon – Reso
    13) Tension – Orien
    14) See You – Hulk
    15) Gorilla Flex – FuntCase
    16) Gamma Ray – Downlink
    17) Hand Grenade – Ivory, Deekline (Excision, Datsik RMX)
    18) Get to the Point – Excision, Liquid Stranger
    19) One – Excision, Liquid Stranger
    20) Shred Step – Graham Acidic
    21) Get a Bit More – Foreign Beggars, Skism
    22) No Holds Barred – Noisia, Excision
    23) Battle Suit – Emalkay
    24) The Tape – DZ, Bowzer
    25) Woo Boost – Rusko
    26) Cornstrach – Doppel Gnger (Fedupfaction RMX)
    27) Ice Cream – Borgore
    28) Dried Up Joint – Dash Exp
    29) What You Gunna Do? – Rob Sparx (NumberNin6 RMX)
    30) Is this Love – Bob Marley (p0gmans Danny Baker RMX)
    31) Wizard Sleeve – FuntCase, SounthBound Hangers

    We love you all and hope you enjoyed it, our mission is to spread the love of dubstep across the land…. Download more at mixes http://www.soundcloud.com/item9

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