Drum & Bass – DJ Rekless

Jul 31 2009

reklessVeteran DJ and up and coming producer Rekless throws down a Temporal Fusion exclusive 2 hour high quality drum and bass set for you jungle heads. Founder of the Junglelabs and producer of numerous forthcoming tracks, check this intense mix which includes some of his latest unreleased DnB beats.



6 Responses

  1. enigmity says:

    LOVED IT!!!

  2. Samir says:

    les verbes et les temps de Dirty Phonics course dans mon esprit. Je suis chauffée

  3. BigBurd says:

    illl set….thanks temporal you consistently have the ILLLESST sets!!!! 😉

  4. admin says:


    1. Skank Phetsta
    2. Fast Forward Utopia
    3. Fortress ???????
    4. Running Thyme Rekless
    5. True Believer feat. Metrik & Phetsta – Original Mix
    6. Quarks Dirty Phonics
    7. Adachigaharas Theme – Original Mix Shock One
    8. The Verge Inside info
    9. Chronic feat. MC Spyda – Shock one
    10. Bassmint Rekless
    11. True Believer feat. Metrik & Phetsta – Original Mix
    12. The Secret feat. Tali – Dirty Phonics
    13. Rude Bwoys – Crytical Dub
    14. Polygon Shock one
    15. Speaking in Tounges Rekless
    16. Cosmos Telemetrik
    17. French Fuck Dirty Phonics
    18. Timewarp Subfocus
    19. 10 Steps Gridlock
    20. Telepathy Teebee
    21. Tribalizm Rekless
    22. Seven Notes In Black – High Contrast
    23. Force of Mind Utopia
    24. Reality Check Evol Intent
    25. WaterDragon Isotone
    26. Franky Mountain – Original Mix Icicle, Nymfo
    27. Helium Raiden
    28. Falling In Love feat. Danman – Original Mix Mistabishi
    29. Middle of the Night Evol Intent
    30. U must think 1st Hype
    31. FZero Brookes Brothers
    32. Everything’s Different – Calibre Remix High Contrast
    33. Conceptual Machines Hydrophobics
    34. System feat. Natalie Williams – Matrix And Futurebound Remix Nu:Tone
    35. Exhale DJ Fresh
    36. Heartbreaker ?????
    37. the Calling Shock One
    38. How you Gonna Feel Commix
    39. Get that Girl TC
    40. The Code SKCRemix Absolute Zero, Subphonics
    41. Machete Hazard
    42. Where’s my Money Clips remix TC
    43. No Matter What MIstabishi
    44. Back To Your Roots – Friction & K-Tee Remix- Johnny L
    45. Keep Moving- Soulmatic and Octobass remix- F.U.K.T.
    46. Shock Resistance- Shockone
    47. Drink Xample Remix- TC
    48. Red Sky (Shaz Sparks)_John B
    49. Your Shout (Feat Killabeatz & Gry)_Zen
    50. Fallin – (Feat. Mutya & Ultra) (Shockone Mix)_Agent X
    51. Something About You (J Majik & Wickaman)
    52. Day N Nite (TC Remix)_Kid Cudi vs. Crookers
    53. Act Like You Know Nero

  5. HANS says:

    excelente pero no te gustaria una bataka en vivo, al estilo swine o mejor dicho hans con sus rollos medio extraño, excelnte mi hermano esta de poca madre esta rola,

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