Drum and Bass – Statesmen

Apr 03 2011

Boston based Statesmen with that groovin’ psychotronic future sound.  Check this exclusive 1hr set mixed by Assembler and Furious Styles.  It includes their track “U-Turn” released on Variant Audio plus unreleased tracks.  Prepare to be rinsed out by these American pros… Statesmen cru!



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  1. Rossi says:

    Statesmen, came across your podcast and was a little suspect as all the DnB mixes i have heard coming out of the US suck, but you rock. I come from London (hot bed for DnB) but this was pure FIRE!!! Big up!!!

  2. jdj says:

    nice work guys. dig the mix.

  3. FDOT of the Statesmen says:

    As per request:

    1. Metrik – T-1000
    2. The Prototypes – Work It
    3. Mind Vortex – Onslaught
    4. the Statesmen – U-turn
    5. Culture Shock – Bad Red
    6. Noisia & Teebee – Shower for an Hour
    7. DJ Panik – Super Skank (Phetsta RMX)
    8. Logistics – Winter Blues VIP
    9. The Prototypes & Darrison – Evolution
    10. Eric Prydz – Niton (Metrik RMX)
    11. L-Plus – Yellow Star
    12. Sigma – Stronger
    13. Muffler – Pinball Fantasies RMX
    14. Don Diablo feat. Dragonette – Animale (The Prototypes RMX)
    15. Cyantific – Obey
    16. The Statesmen – 6ix Hours
    17. Soft Toy Emergency – Critical (DC Breaks RMX)
    18. Laidback Luke – Timebomb (Tantrum Desire RMX)
    19. Modified Motion & Faction – High Noon
    20. Callide – Shutting Down
    21. L-Plus – Sound of Noise
    22. Cutline – Die For You (Shock One RMX)
    23. I Blame Coco – In Spirit Golden (DC Breaks RMX)
    24. The Prototypes – Outcast
    25. Blackout – L.O.V.E. (Hamilton RMX)
    26. Smooth – Feel So Free
    27. Phetsta – Prism
    28. Holdtight – Lounge (DC Breaks RMX)
    29. John B – Red Sky (Subsonik & Smooth RMX)
    30. Trippcore – Ryon
    31. Skepta vs. N-Dubz – So Alive (Metrik RMX)
    32. Santigold – Unstoppable (The Statesmen RMX)

    Stay tuned on Soundcloud & Facebook for new Statesmen tracks coming very soon!

  4. Damian says:

    Some hometown heroes right here! Was pumped when I saw some Boston DJ’s on Temporal Fusion… would love a tracklist for this mix, or at least the names of some of the tracks between about 32 minutes-40ish minutes.. Some proper shit right there!

  5. Bobby brainz says:

    Next level drum & bass right here. Proper shit… Big ups. I love that track that kicks in at around 7 minutes…

  6. glitchy monsta says:


    Big shouts! Thank you. This is a huge help, and that was an epic mix.

  7. @glitchy

    That tune is:
    In Spirit Golden (DC Breaks Remix) by I Blame Coco

    Sick track!

  8. glitchy monsta says:

    Wot is that fabulous vocal track that kicks in around 41:50? I WANTS IT, PRECIOUS!!! BECAUSE IT’S (ALMOST) MY BIRTHDAY!!!

  9. The Statesmen are a Boston area DnB sensation I recommend, very tight beats, very chill to very ill sounds…a must listen for DnB and Dubstep listeners everywhere…I can soundly recommend them, they know the ropes and the rules, and how to break them ever so subtley…really have enjoyed the tracks to date…

    shout out to The Statesmen for keeping it HQ!

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