Drum and Bass – Jangala DJ

May 26 2012

Either side of the line, a new mix by Jangala, is a harmonic balance between dark and light drum and bass rollers. This set starts off ominous and turbulently ends with a little joy. More than just dark and light, it is mix of old and new, soft and hard, and everything that seems contradictory. Tunes from the likes of Dub Phizix, Meth, Konichi, with smatterings of Dillinja, Ray Keith and Bladerunner for good measure. Enjoy!



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  1. xun says:


    1. Erpeh, Abstract Elements, Respect Records
    >>Nasty Ways, Dillinja, Valve Recordings
    2. Bateman, Dub Phizix, Soulr
    3. Smoothie, RoyGreen, Protone, Fokuz
    4. The Real You, Duo Science, Fokuz
    5. Mind-Map, AndyPain, Z Connection, Interactive
    6. Far-Too-Close, Mefjus, Neodigital
    7. Mutiny-Menace, Vicious Circle, Dose, Teknik, Renegade Hardware
    >> Something Out There, Ufo feat. Lea, Dread Recordings
    8. Bon_Voyage, Fostec, Hustle Audio
    9. Inferior, L33, Hustle Audio
    10. Combustion-Team, Konichi, 3Flow
    11. Relapse, Axon, Proximity
    12. Nevada, Need For Mirrors, SGNLTD
    13. Fractal, Getz, Interactive
    14. Control, Dejaru, Hustle Audio
    15. Babylon Time Warp, Durban Poison & Bladerunner
    16. After-Rain, Nuage, Interactive
    17. Stranded, Xtrah, Proximity
    18. Isolation, Data, Blackout Music
    19. Pranksters, Zinc
    20. Ritual, J Majik, Wickaman, Metalheadz
    21. Truth Beyond, Interface feat William Cartwright, Clear Skyz

  2. kinetiks says:

    J. DJ has done it again. Heard this in the cave and it is simply a must-have set with amazing depth and diversity. A great write-up from Toni on ReadySetDC as well. Equally pleased to see a set-list accompany the mix. 😉

    Great work, Jangala. Keep it up and let’s rock one soon. PS – show at U-Hall went great.



  3. jangala says:

    should be pretty awesome!!!

  4. SweetiePie says:

    In love with this, simply. Cannot wait for the write-up to run tomorrow 🙂

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