Drum and Bass – DJ Gunna

Apr 05 2010

U.K. Jump up madman DJ Gunna throws down a steamin’ vinyl dub plate exclusive for Temporal Fusion. Formerly pushing the sounds of dope ammo records, he is now signed up with dnb worldwide and  ruff radio uk. Recently coming off tour in Austria, keep a vibe out for Gunna when he goes on tour stateside- bringin’ da sounds of London grime with him.  



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  1. admin says:


    1) R-Bass :- Original Sin
    2)Gangs :- Harvest (Dubplate)
    3)Sleeze :- Taxman
    4)Dosile :- Culture Boy (Dubplate)
    5)Communication:- Shifta (Dubplate)
    6)Unknown:- Soul-pride (Dubplate)
    7)Stupid Fool :- Deazy & Gunna (Dubplate)
    8)Fucking Clown step : – Levela (Dubplate)
    9)Mad Man : – Harvest (Dubplate)
    10)Slow Burn : – DJ Die
    11)Feel Alright : – Critical Impact & Gunna (Dubplate)
    12)Hear 2 Stay : – Spekky (Dubplate)
    13Unknown : – Reaperz (Dubplate)

  2. DJ Gunna says:

    Easy all, if you like me mix or to generally speak to me then hit me up on : –

    E-mail Hotmail : – gunna35@hotmail.com
    Aim : – djgunnadlc
    MSN : – gunna35@hotmail.com

    Nice one.

    ENJOY 🙂

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