Drum and Bass – B:Fuse

Oct 01 2010

DJ B:Fuse hailing from Germany serves up a 1hr dnb turntable set for us.  A disciple of the Good Looking Organization, his atmospheric jazz vibes soothe.  B:Fuse, a resident DJ of massive festivals in Germany has also forayed into production – his latest track “Dark Energy” is featured on the recently released   Offworld Transmissions compilation- A must buy for deep dnb fans.



3 Responses

  1. coolbluebox says:

    Great chill beats….loved this set……like always killer music.

  2. xun says:


    1. Up & Down – B.Fuse
    2. Vanilla Dream – Command Strange
    3. Darling Heart – Well Being
    4. ScuBiDo – B.Fuse
    5. Road Less Traveled – Calculation
    6. Divide – Integer
    7. Porcelain – ASC
    8. Renewal – LM1
    9. Personal – Phat Playaz
    10.Zero Balance – Orange & Blue
    11.Bloodlines – Method One
    12.Dreamwalker – Bass´Flo

  3. Pseud0 says:

    Where can i get the tracklist? This last podcast is cool)

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