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Dub Reggae – Jaheire

Drum & Bass, Dub, Reggae | Posted by xun
Jul 30 2014

JaheireMix master Jaheire is a Reggae selector in Ireland.  Over the years he’s build a collection of dub, dub step, DnB, and jungle remixes that come along with them.  In this mix he kicks off with some newer rubadub roots & dancehall, in a dubwise d&b style, rolling on to some older reggae tunes, re-worked in to a junglist fashion, he can never keep a mix one genre so it ends with some steppas & reggae riddims to keep things changing.  Check his website for info on tours and more mixes and beats.


Dub – Richie Secret

Downtempo, Dub, Reggae, Trip Hop | Posted by xun
Mar 24 2013

dubsunriseOriginally a 90’s hardcore junglist from the UK, the nomadic Richie Secret (aka Gypsy Fingerz) has recently been playing out psy and jungle parties throughout Southern China and SE Asia.  He brings a unique, deep atmospheric world dub sound to the podcast with this first exclusive mix from him.  Sit back and enjoy the 1hr dubwise sunrise featuring new, unreleased tunes from a wide array of international dub artists.


Glitch/Dub Step – DJ Citrus

Dub Step, Glitch, Hip Hop, Reggae | Posted by xun
Dec 31 2009


Denver based DJ and producer Citrus brings a diverse range encompassing reggae, electro, glitch hop, and everything in-between. His style is a melting pot of both urban and natural, the bitcrushed alongside the beautiful, the cold and calculated battling the analog and tribal.  Check his forthcoming productions.


Dub Experimental – Ca¢heflowe

Dub Step, Reggae | Posted by xun
Apr 24 2009


Known for creating genre-skewing, head-noddng beats, Denver-based Ca¢heflowe recently released his latest EP, Cache, Stacks & Queues. This experimental dubstep/glitch-hop mix features some of his latest tracks.


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