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Dub Reggae – Jaheire

Drum & Bass, Dub, Reggae | Posted by xun
Jul 30 2014

JaheireMix master Jaheire is a Reggae selector in Ireland.  Over the years he’s build a collection of dub, dub step, DnB, and jungle remixes that come along with them.  In this mix he kicks off with some newer rubadub roots & dancehall, in a dubwise d&b style, rolling on to some older reggae tunes, re-worked in to a junglist fashion, he can never keep a mix one genre so it ends with some steppas & reggae riddims to keep things changing.  Check his website for info on tours and more mixes and beats.


Dub – Consomateur

Downtempo, Dub, Glitch | Posted by xun
Apr 06 2014

kiss the sky

This latest mixtape entitled “Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky” from producer Consomateur (France) is a super laid back, tripped out selection- his “headphone highlights”. It contains some of his favorite beats of 2013 (feat. Nosaj Thing, Evol Intent, Daedelus, Gas Lamp Killer)  as well as the usual oldies and some of his own productions mixed in. Sit back, relax and enjoy this eclectic selection of bass heavy beats, glitchy snares and acoustic vibes.


Underground Science – xun

Dub, Dub Step, Glitch, Hip Hop, Trip Hop | Posted by xun
Aug 08 2013

xun-scienceUnderground Science is mix-tape of tracks I’ve come across over the last six years since starting the podcast.  These vinyl dubs, unfinished works, and propa releases need to be shared before they disappear forever into the electronic ether.  Enjoy this compilation of my favorite beatmakers.  Peace! – xun



Dub – Richie Secret

Downtempo, Dub, Reggae, Trip Hop | Posted by xun
Mar 24 2013

dubsunriseOriginally a 90’s hardcore junglist from the UK, the nomadic Richie Secret (aka Gypsy Fingerz) has recently been playing out psy and jungle parties throughout Southern China and SE Asia.  He brings a unique, deep atmospheric world dub sound to the podcast with this first exclusive mix from him.  Sit back and enjoy the 1hr dubwise sunrise featuring new, unreleased tunes from a wide array of international dub artists.


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