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Drum and Bass – Mixmaster Doc

Drum & Bass | Posted by jangala
Mar 31 2015

Temporal Fusion Episode 194 Presenting Mixmaster Doc

Alas we return from a long hiatus and to make up we present a very special mix from one our favorite producers/deejays – Mixmaster Doc. We have learned that he has been busy since his last album (That Now)  and will be soon releasing some new beats with Random Movement and some other solo bits on Fokus. If that’s not enough he also has a couple albums in the works so stay tuned.  For the time being we have this amazing mix representing all dnb flavors with some brainsurgery-precise mixing. We hope the wait was worth it. You can check Doc’s soundcloud page for  new beats and mixes. Laters.


Drum and Bass – Jangala DJ

Drum & Bass | Posted by jangala
Dec 31 2014

temporalfusion_193_jangalaFor the last mix of this roller coaster ride of a year I’ve put together a very special selection of beats from all the worlds of Drum and Bass – strictly vinyl.  The mix starts out slow and minimal with tunes from Dillinja, Fracture & Neptune and FD. After this intro the mix gradually builds up in momentum and complexity with the likes of Need for Mirrors, Foreign Concept, and LSB. Thanks for listening!


Dub Reggae – Jaheire

Drum & Bass, Dub, Reggae | Posted by xun
Jul 30 2014

JaheireMix master Jaheire is a Reggae selector in Ireland.  Over the years he’s build a collection of dub, dub step, DnB, and jungle remixes that come along with them.  In this mix he kicks off with some newer rubadub roots & dancehall, in a dubwise d&b style, rolling on to some older reggae tunes, re-worked in to a junglist fashion, he can never keep a mix one genre so it ends with some steppas & reggae riddims to keep things changing.  Check his website for info on tours and more mixes and beats.


Drum and Bass – DJ Seven

Drum & Bass | Posted by jangala
May 15 2014

web_sevenPrepare yourselves for this episode, this time around we have some of the finest deep Drum and Bass from my favorite deejay in the DC area, DJ Seven. His many years of experience are on full display in this fluid arrangement of some seriously mental tunes. This set ebbs and flows into many beautiful spaces and touches many emotions. You can catch his other mixes from his Soundcloud page.


Trap/DnB/Dubstep – XtronX

Drum & Bass, Dub Step, Trap | Posted by xun
Nov 15 2013

xtronx_trap XtronX was born from the ashes of Electronically Lost, a musical project that would anchor him in the experimentation of industrial music . This exclusive mix for TF is an evolution of grimey dubstep, trap and dnb styles. He is a DJ for the Manin Crew, which organizes Drum and Bass, Dubstep, hardteck and Ragga Dancehall parties in northern France.  Stay tuned in 2014 for his second E.P. – a dark hip-hop instrumental with pianist Alice Thompson of London.


Drum and Bass – Taos

Drum & Bass | Posted by xun
Jun 16 2013

taos-45Taos brings us an exclusive drum and bass mix, strictly 45RPM vinyl son!   Grimey mixer from Belgium.  Ragga, heavy bass and vader drop-  Check his latest  forthcoming E.P. this summer (will be available on  For more Taos mixes check his mixcloud page.



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