Dub – Consomateur

Downtempo, Dub, Glitch
Apr 06 2014

kiss the sky

This latest mixtape entitled “Excuse Me While I Kiss the Sky” from producer Consomateur (France) is a super laid back, tripped out selection- his “headphone highlights”. It contains some of his favorite beats of 2013 (feat. Nosaj Thing, Evol Intent, Daedelus, Gas Lamp Killer)  as well as the usual oldies and some of his own productions mixed in. Sit back, relax and enjoy this eclectic selection of bass heavy beats, glitchy snares and acoustic vibes.


Dub Step – Neotron

Dub Step
Jan 19 2014

NeutronFor this episode we follow up with another red hot mix from Lille, France. In this live recording of Steeve Neotron at the Waz Factory we get a flawless mix of dubstep beats splattered with jungle/drum and bass style kick-snare-hat riffs, pulsating techno stabs and new-school grimey synths. Neotron’s roots in reggae and hip-hop come out clear in this bass filled set and well represent the vibe of the Lillois dubstep heads. You can check out more of his music on Aloutte Street.


Trap/DnB/Dubstep – XtronX

Drum & Bass, Dub Step, Trap
Nov 15 2013

xtronx_trap XtronX was born from the ashes of Electronically Lost, a musical project that would anchor him in the experimentation of industrial music . This exclusive mix for TF is an evolution of grimey dubstep, trap and dnb styles. He is a DJ for the Manin Crew, which organizes Drum and Bass, Dubstep, hardteck and Ragga Dancehall parties in northern France.  Stay tuned in 2014 for his second E.P. – a dark hip-hop instrumental with pianist Alice Thompson of London.


Hip Hop – dr holmes show

Hip Hop
Oct 04 2013

itunes-werkerAnother installment of underground hip hop from dr holmes and xun.  This month’s episode is chock full of gritty NY style hip-hop to keep your head noddin’ for over 2 hours.  Featuring a mix of golden-era tunes, new releases, un-released gems, and more.  Peace to the listeners!



Underground Science – xun

Dub, Dub Step, Glitch, Hip Hop, Trip Hop
Aug 08 2013

xun-scienceUnderground Science is mix-tape of tracks I’ve come across over the last six years since starting the podcast.  These vinyl dubs, unfinished works, and propa releases need to be shared before they disappear forever into the electronic ether.  Enjoy this compilation of my favorite beatmakers.  Peace! – xun



Drum and Bass – Taos

Drum & Bass
Jun 16 2013

taos-45Taos brings us an exclusive drum and bass mix, strictly 45RPM vinyl son!   Grimey mixer from Belgium.  Ragga, heavy bass and vader drop-  Check his latest  forthcoming E.P. this summer (will be available on temporalfusion.com).  For more Taos mixes check his mixcloud page.



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